Rev. Susan Hendershot, John Hill, and Ruth Ivory-Moore: Faith at the COP

Sister Jayanti Kirpalu: Inspiring Hope and Courage

Casey Camp: Indigenous Leadership

Sadie DeCoste and Harjeet Singh: Loss and Damage

Kelly Trout: No Room for Oil and Gas Under 1.5

Nathalie Eddy, Rebekah Hinojosa, and Rev. Dave Rogers: Sacrifice Zone

Patty Ferguson-Bohnee and Jamie Williams: Climate Adaptation

Gilles Dufresne and Erika Lennon: Carbon Markets

Julieta Perucca: Housing as a Human Right

Reverend Mel Caraway and George Marshall: Communicating Climate Change

Ethan Buckner and Laurie Glover: Holding the US Accountable

Lauren Eastwood: Women as Agents of Change

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