Hero #1: Adrian Shelley

Adrian Shelley is a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA). He is a retired oil and gas executive from Houston, Texas, and he serves on the board of Texas Impact. 

Hero #2: Ilka Vega

Ilka Vega is a lay leader in the Roman Catholic Church and also a leader in the United Methodist Women. She works in a Catholic immigrant assistance organization in El Paso, Texas, and lives across the border in Juarez, Mexico.

Hero #3: Tracey DePasquale

Tracey DePasquale is a lay leader in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. She serves as the executive director of Lutheran Assistance Ministries of Pennsylvania, and has extensive background in civic education and public relations.

Hero #4: Reverend Michael Malcom

Reverend Michael Malcom is an ordained minister in the Pentecostal Holiness Church tradition. He is pastor of Rush Memorial Congregational Church in Atlanta, Georgia and serves as executive director of Alabama Interfaith Power & Light.  

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